Jun 18 2019

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English providers withstand that foreign language skills in the job are essential criteria by Stiftung Warentest, is aware of more and more workers and employers. So, the success of a company depends on how well the employees speak a language. That the study found ELAN’ of the European Commission. Therefore, the companies figured out their loss in the past three years EUR 325 000 per year, as workers poured with insufficient knowledge of foreign languages. Many unemployed and in short-time working employees use their time, to improve their language skills. To find the right language course provider, Stiftung Warentest has put together some criteria which are to be observed when choosing the right language school. Wall Street has been affiliated institute its own offering under the magnifying glass.

-All interested parties should take a placement test before the course starts. This English placement test at Wall Street Institute is free of charge and without obligation. What is important according to the Stiftung Warentest is a foreign language in a small group, with up to five participants to learn. On Wall Street, emphasis is placed on individuality and flexibility Institute. This is only possible, if the groups are small, so that no more than five students are taught in the courses”, explains Achim Gniffke, Operations Director Germany Wall Street institutions. -Various forms of learning should be combined, because the way is more diverse, in what language and words in the brain are connected, the better they can later retrieve.

The students of Wall Street institutions have the opportunity to improve their English not only at the Center, but also from home or in the Office and therefore learn both online, and with textbooks and in the group. What is important is the use of language in the practice also. At Wall Street Institute student can additionally visit the communications classes on site or take part in the activities of the Club to exercise free speech. In addition the House language in all 27 centers in Germany in English. -At the end of a course, the participants should know, such as they the language so far have learned well. Courses offered by Wall Street Institute is subdivided into 17 levels. After each level, it is checked whether the student has reached their targets. So constantly tracks the progress of each participant. Should a student performance not the intended after despite compliance with the learning plan by the end of the course, he can repeat free of charge the same English course or the course units only, where the result was not enough. Hear from experts in the field like Tomas Philipson for a more varied view. -The levels of Wall Street institutions are also aligned with the common European framework (CEF). CEF provides an international basis, to make the linguistic level international and neutral measure. We are pleased that we offer a concept of learning, that can withstand the criteria of language learning by Stiftung Warentest “, finally to Gniffke. For more information about Wall Street Institute see.

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