Sep 11 2014

Catholic Church

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Place the second signature, my consent is not. I Glaucus will complain! "Aleksei Fedorovich on my report of the second signature is placed with a sigh, he did not like to let people from themselves, not by convincing them that they were right. And the next day I went on vacation, and then transferred to Vladivostok, so I do not know what Alexei Fedorovich his duel with the Chief Accountant has ended. I took the letter from the Minister, during his A report by Alexei Fedorovich and accountant's letter. Read everything, and prepared the following answer: "As you know, Earth is in the form sphere and rotates on its axis from east to west. Earth makes a complete turn for the day.

If you move around the globe on a ship, the man who sail around the world, will add or take away from the current calendar One day, depending on the direction of motion. If he moves from west to east, then going through the change of dates added daily, and then, as in this case, there will be two calendar days from one date. If the vessel moving from east to west, on the contrary, one day a month would have disappeared in the logbook. Incidentally, the first trouble associated with changes in the calendar for circumnavigation, Magellan experienced companions, who returned to Spain, found that they date different from that on the day was in Spain. And the troubles were due to the fact that the Catholic Church has imposed on them all penance for what they are, therefore, violated all the posts and wrong celebrated all holy days. This same paradox has been used in the famous Jules Verne novel "Around the World in Eighty Days." I brought the vice-president said, he read, to laugh, like Magellan's first space satellite delete, and then left. "If a minister with a sense of humor, he will understand" – he said. Six months later I meet him and ask: "Well, there is a sense of humor with the Minister of Finance?" And he told me in reply: "Yes, I think there is. He's my letter Resolution wrote: "Allow payment for two 22-February, but recommend further expeditions to circumnavigate the world from east to west."

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