Dec 28 2014


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CARPEDIEM GmbH develops an alternative to commercially available distribution systems Seligenstadt February 2011. The financial industry faces a major problem according to the CARPEDIEM GmbH: Harte approval criteria for brokers require long training periods. During this time, are business partners only ear and make only small money. The big money is earned only as a mediator. While the newcomers were previously motivated with large, in the short term in view of earning, they must settle this long with small amounts.

The CARPEDIEM GmbH with the MULTI, CONNECT SYSTEM now brings a new, innovative alternative on the market. The MULTI CONNECT SYSTEM of CARPEDIEM GmbH requires no registration, no check, no expertise and also otherwise no requirements for new entrants. Because this system is no mediator, but moves and serves only people. Nevertheless, receives this income as a mediator. The masses”would be willing, to part-time get involved, if it would be fun and is profitable, the CARPEDIEM GmbH is safe. But as soon as the nighttime”learns that whatever is a sales activity of whatsoever, he feels alienated from and mostly through a large network.

For the activity as a seller only few in question come to experience the CARPEDIEM GmbH which know all those, the years in the organization. Because the most expensive training and training concepts help anything either man is a born salesman or not. The answer of CARPEDIEM GmbH it is: MULTI CONNECT SYSTEM. In this system, the career ladder is above all without climb every expertise and this solution works completely without consulting or sales pitches. Interested parties information on seminars and take the product to a workshop as a member of itself. CONNECT SYSTEM of CARPEDIEM GmbH must be in multiple business partners that’s why no expertise appropriated, because he almost invites people to seminars with his group as a promoter. Thus a more expansionary Organisationsauf and extending through the MULTI CONNECT SYSTEM is possible at any time.

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