Jul 23 2013

Beauty Aesthetes

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Hypochondriacs clearly know what those are, and with obvious pleasure to respond to proposals, accented by a nice attitude to their health. Extremals are usually proud of belonging to this caste, and the more the manufacturer emphasizes the orientation of its product in this segment, the closer it relationship with the "risk" audiences. At the same time, the deliberate positioning of this product segment, is inherently inconsistent with the spirit of an extreme, is absolutely meaningless. Under the slogan of the extreme limit advertising "Do not tomozi – snikersni" only teens stuffed cones in their games. Speaking bluntly, serious extremals do not eat chocolates.

"Aesthetes and pragmatists" "aesthetes" differ from "pragmatists" expressed contemplative relish. Between content and form aesthetes choose the form, getting satisfaction from the beautiful and exquisite appearance of the object, its elegant design, perfect form, harmony of color solutions. Aesthetes are able to see and understand the beauty, ready to significantly overpay for power products meet their aesthetic ideas. Operational capital items is for aesthetes not least important, but they actively avoid buying ugly looking things. It does not matter whether it is a corkscrew bottle or a car: the aesthetes pursue compliance purchases his own views on the beautiful, even in small things.

On preferences aesthetes built entire industries, for many industries subtle consumer attitudes to beauty is the main driving force. At makrosegmente aesthetes based in large part fashion-industry market jewelry cars, art and other areas of the modern retail business. Beauty that can be sold, is one of the main tools add virtual value.

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