Feb 20 2017

Baskova Resident Comedy Club

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Stars are closer to the people and their thoughts and passions, we can read online, a little jealous of an idle life, waged by our pop idols. Nice to read on Monday morning, coming to 'favorite' work by nine o'clock, a personal homepage resident Comedy Club in Le Havre, on Twitter better known under the name @ generalgavr, 'most active on Monday morning go to work and study Emo. This version of the pain and humiliation they are also enjoyable:) '- said philosophically Havre at 8 am, one minute adding: "Monday – day :)', another three minutes Havre made a statement: 'Let's break down stereotypes, let's not assume Monday some dismal day, he's no different from the rest. I sleep ', making the Monday morning before going to bed a couple of entries, Le Havre, apparently fell asleep be active only at 12:10. Well she is sweet celebrity life. It is also interesting to observe the life and creative activities of domestic designer Valentin Yudashkin, in Twitter world @ vYudashkin, his first record Yudashkin made August 24, 2010: 'The guys finally we can communicate with you, will tell how we live, relax and work Huge greetings to all! '.

And, indeed, Valentin Yudashkin so captivated the popular Internet service, he hastened to reveal all the news of personal and creative life, an impression that Yudashkin not for a moment let go of the hands of the communicator, describing virtually every event in your life. For example, designer wrote: 'A magnificent evening with your family! After dinner, followed by fireworks' in 4-something hours, Moscow time, a beautiful bohemian dinner. And now, at 9 am Yudashkin is excited to announce to his readers: 'Izymitel'nii dessert v ly4shem restorane v la turbie!', And at 11 o'clock in the fashion delight said: 'Bili v St tropez zakon4ilos' vse prigkom v pool i vesel'em do 6 ytra!'. Let the correspondence of Russian stars in Twitter and are not particularly meaningful, but the common reader can always find out about each step of his idol, or merely a popular man. Unfortunately, the service Twitter does not allow to write the bulk messages, so learn about the life of their favorite star you have on the short notes and comments, but there is no confirmation whether the unforgettable phrase of Anton Pavlovich say that brevity – the sister of talent. However, some members of the pop scene is not so much carried away with newfangled Twitter, they probably got himself a personal page on the service order, banal, not to lag behind hangouts. So Nicholas Basque Country, despite the fact that we have your personal account on Twitter, and did not understand how to use it, so on the page of Nicholas still do not have any records. Little further advanced Baskova Resident Comedy Club – Garik Martirosyan / @ GMartirosyan /, who for 72 days was made just two entries: 'Hello! Now, I'm on Twitter 'and the second, addressed to the singer Anita Tsoi, -' @ anitatsoi hello, my friend ', although in the latter case, I'm not sure, maybe that is Anita Choi asked Garik:) Here they are, star residents of Twitter, the Russian star in anything not want to lag behind their counterparts overseas, although the popularity of western stars of our show business still far away, because for them the stars in Twitter has made the whole separate projects: a catalog of Western celebrities on Twitter, their rating and addresses of pages: followfamous.com; and service with a single tape recordings celebrity with Twitter: celebwitter.com.

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