Feb 13 2017

Appointment Manufacture

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Intended for the manufacture of cylindrical and conical shells, bow-shaped elements, as well as changes edges of flat pieces of sheet metal ferrous, nonferrous metals and alloys used in ventilation-packer-dimensional production in the manufacture of air ducts, installation of sanitation systems and other industries. Bending rollers are versatile machine rotary type, designed for bending sheet in a cold state. Designed for bending-rolling pieces of sheet metal ferrous, nonferrous metals and alloys, with yield strength less than 2500 kg / cm. It is used when performing the following works: – edge pieces – flexible cylindrical shells – flexible conical shells – Flexible arcuate elements – edit slabs. The mechanism is designed based on the experience of domestic and foreign firms made a 3-Volkova, asymmetrical arrangement of the work rolls. Rollers (manual and mechanical) used in air-blank production, installation of sanitary systems, and other industries for the manufacture of thin-walled shells and all sorts of covers. Minimum diameter of the products produced on the machine is 160 mm.

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