Nov 09 2012

Already One

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In my life I had not seen a girl who wanted in such a way to fish despite in high-sea as that one. It seemed to want to fish more for diversion of what for necessity, she was what saw in its eyes. But in its soul she was to help its father who as much helped in house, for only living in two. Its mother faleceu has some years behind. one of them continued: ' ' How somebody as you go to obtain to fish? ' ' This highest age of the three.

It came back to look at toward that agitated water and said: ' ' Sonho.&#039 is mine; ' three had laughed and left from there. Highest it turned the coasts and, not seeing a long thing to the soil, it stumbled. ' ' Who left this here? Here it is not place! Droga.' ' After leaving it alone, its father came back of the sea. They were many fish that the cockle-boat almost capsized. ' ' We go to have one has supper today satiated! ' '. It looks at then it, preoccupying he coou the head and he said something different: ' ' It looks at my son I started other I work. I go to vender these fish in the fair. We can eat the possible minimum.

I swear you that if nobody to buy, we will go to eat them and for more than saciarmos in them until three dias.' ' It answered with a face movement that understood the facts. It then moored its boat and took in a stand its fish that had catch. It only caught its pole of fishes and gathered that one ' ' treco' ' length in the soil going in direction its wooden house, there next. ' ' Already it is the eighth time that you lacked in the school.

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